Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quick Trip to the Lake

Leslie and I took a quick trip to the lake this weekend. George was in town to play in a Paul Jacobsen concert at University of Utah. On Sunday morning we took him to the airport. It was great seeing him and getting the four boys together for the golf you play with a Disc on Saturday. After we dropped George off we went up to Island Park to the cabins. We sorted through the storage garage, took some things to the River Cabin and enjoyed the time together. Jayme and Doug came up Sunday evening. On Monday morning Doug and I went to Yellowstone rentals and rented an enclosed cab fork lift and bob cat tractor. I drove the fork lift to the lake cabin and then we got busy moving many large lava rocks. It was a blast. Finally got to drive a tractor and a fork lift. We left Monday evening at 8:30ish and arrived home at 2am. It was worth it!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Summer Fun In Idaho 2008

Summer Fun In Idaho 2008

Learning how to blog

George is here teaching me how to add posts to the blog. He is visiting while shadowing the SLC Paul Mitchell school with Steven. He is playing a huge rock show tonight with Paul Jacobsen at the Post theater near University of Utah.